Luces BlackBurn Outpost

Outpost blackburn Lights

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Bike packers enjoy! Finally, a bike light, main lamp and camp lantern, all rolled up in a versatile package.


  • Weight 3.68 ounces
  • Complies with ANSI FL-1 standard. This standard was created by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide consistent performance measurements for portable lights. Although bike lights are not required to follow this or any other standard, Blackburn believes in providing complete transparency in how performance, uptime, water resistance, and other performance claims are measured.
  • Up to 400 lumens
  • Blitz mode (bike): 1 hour to 400 lumens
  • Low mode (bike): 2 hours to 200 lumens
  • Strobe mode (bicycle): 8 hours to 200 lumens
  • High mode (camp): 3.5 hours to 100 lumens
  • Long-lasting mode (camp) 8 hours to 40 lumens
  • Submersible IP-65: The ingress protection classification or "IP rating" is a technical way to describe the level of waterproofness and dust of a product. This light complies with IP-65 standard, which means it is fully protected against dust/sand and protected against low pressure water jets from any direction.
  • Fits handlebars or 22-35mm clips to your bike's handlebar bar bag. - Mounts on the head with a built-in 2-foot retractable cable. - HB silicone strap, Bag/grid clip, Retractable head holder
  • Lithium Polymer Battery - Micro-USB Rechargeable - Charges via any standard USB port (charging cable included)
  • 2-hour recharge
  • 2-Year Warranty Provision for Battery or Electric Products, Product Components and Accessories for Such Products

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Blackburn Design is a cycling accessories designer and manufacturer that was founded in 1975 by Jim Blackburn.

Luces BlackBurn Outpost
Outpost blackburn Lights
€59.95 €55.23 -7.87%
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