Set of cranks SRAM FORCE 22 GXP Yaw

Set of cranks SRAM FORCE 22 GXP Yaw

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  • Black
Crank length
  • 170mm
  • 172.5mm
  • 175mm
  • Road
Bielas Teeth
  • 50.34t
  • 53.39t



The 22 GXP SRAM FORCE is constructed of unidirectional carbon that lightens the weight of the assembly to improve performance. With hidden screw pattern to take advantage of the characteristics of carbon fiber with an elegant appearance.

The 22 SRAM FORCE cranks offer improved performance by using unidirectional carbon on the crank arm adapted to a forged aluminum spider. The concealed bolt pattern makes better use of carbon fiber to further improve stiffness and lose weight. The impressive X-Glider plates are optimized for use with Yaw technology in the derailleur, delivering flawless, seamless performance. SRAM FORCE 22 is available in full size and compact proportions and in multiple crank lengths.

Stiffer X-Glider plates feature a thicker construction, advanced timing shift pins and ramps, which are optimized for shifting with the derailleur. X-GlideR is a technology designed for optimized displacement performance with the derailleur. Rigid rings (5 mm aluminum 7075-T6 CNC machining) with upward shift rivets and with an advanced adopted design of SRAM XX. CNC machining allows precise control of each tooth shape, ramp, and almost all changing characteristics of the dish. Front plates, chain and derailleur are designed as a single integrated system for optimized performance.

The hidden screw pattern takes advantage of the characteristics of carbon fiber while presenting an elegant appearance.


Material: carbon crank; aluminum alloy plate

Weight: 697.4 g (BB30 53x39 172.5 mm), 714.8g (53x39 172.5mm GXP)

Length: 170 mm

11 speeds

Ratio: 53-39

Compatibility: SRAM Red 22 and FORCE 22 Yaw cranks, network SRAM , 22 and PC1170 chains

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The SRAM brand is a company with 25 years of a history marked by the tenacity, innovation and constant progress that have led it to become the second world referenceof cycling activities in a very short time.

Set of cranks SRAM FORCE 22 GXP Yaw
Set of cranks SRAM FORCE 22 GXP Yaw
€276.00 €243.00 -11.96%
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