Kit SIGMA Faro Delantero Buster 100 + Nugget 2 USB

SIGMA Headlight Kit Buster 100 + Nugget 2 USB Rear Headlamp

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The Kit consists of the Buster USB LED 100 headlight along with Sigma's Nugget II Flash taillight. The headlight offers an intensity of 120 lumens with a weight of only 62 gr. While the taillight increases your visibility to 400 meters with the versatility of being able to mount it on any saddle holder easily.

Sigma Buster USB LED 100 Features

Built-in lithium battery.

120 lumens.

6 lighting modes.

Micro USB charging (2 hours).

Battery charge indicator.

Touch On/Off button.

360o support.

Tool-free mounting.

Weight according to manufacturer: 62 gr.

Sigma Nugget II Flash Features

Visibility range: 400 meters

3 lighting modes: Standard: up to 5 h / High power: up to 2 h / High power flashing: up to 8 h

The NUGGET II FLASH has an integrated lithium-ion accumulator. This is recharged via the micro USB plug, which can be connected to any PC. This saves money and protects the environment.

2-level charge indicator: Using the two symbols above the lens you can clearly recognize the battery and charge status of the NUGGET II FLASH.

USB port: The USB port for recharging is well plugged into the bottom of the NUGGET II FLASH and is therefore protected against dust and splashing.

Fresnel Lens: The Fresnel lens specially developed by SIGMA SPORT is adapted to the design of the NUGGET II FLASH. Thanks to its ringing structure it generates a perfect distribution of light in a minimum space.

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Sigma is a manufacturer of odometers, cyclocomputers, tools and bike lights known worldwide for its German technology. With Sigma,superior quality is guaranteed as they employ the latest technology, manufacture designs that fit all kinds of tastes and needs, subject all their products to the strictest reliability, strength and durability tests,and all must pass EC testing.

Kit SIGMA Faro Delantero Buster 100 + Nugget 2 USB
SIGMA Headlight Kit Buster 100 + Nugget 2 USB Rear Headlamp
€50.00 €27.95 -44.1%
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