MTB cover Maxxis Tomahawk 29x2.30...

MTB cover Maxxis Tomahawk 29x2.30 120x2 TPI 3C Exo Tubeless Ready

€54.60 €78.00 -30%
  • Black
Wheel Measurement
  • 29"
  • MTB
Measure Covered
  • 29x2.30



The Tomahawk Cover includes aggressive studs on its sides to make the grip on corners perfect. Made of Maxxterra 3C rubber for superior traction. Ready to mount with or withoutcamera (Tubeless Ready).

The Tomahawk is an all-mountain tire that excels in all conditions. The low-profile center allows fast rolling on hard ground, but the distance between the tread studs allows mud to be evacuated when the track gets wet. Large side studs, along with a square profile, give confidence in curves over all terrains. If you're looking for a tire that can do it all without compromising reliability, Tomahawk is your tire.


Central part with low rolling resistance

Side heels with aggressive design

Composite 3C MAXX Terra

EXO puncture protection

Ply DD Dual Enclosure

Tubeless ready (TR)

Actual weight: 1082 g

Etrto: 58-622

Type: Folding hoop

Tpi: 120 / 240

Pressure: 2.5 - 4 bar (35 - 58 psi)


Double Down (DD)

Double Down (DD) is the next step in the evolution of the Dual-ply enduro racing housing. The housing consists of two reinforced 120 TPI layers with butyl insert and provides the Enduro pilot with all the support and protection of a DH cover with a reduced weight.

3C MAXX Terra

An intermediate configuration for certain mountain tires. The 3C Maxx Terra is softer and offers more traction than the 3C Maxx Speed, while offering greater durability and less rolling resistance than the Maxx Grip.


An extremely resistant material to cuts and abrasion added to the sides of certain mountain decks. This densely woven fiber is also light and extremely flexible, ensuring that tire performance remains unchanged. Choose EXO Protection for extremely rocky and treacherous terrain where the risk of side cuts and abrasion is high.

TR-Tubeless Ready

Tubeless ready covers offer many benefits over conventional covers: the ability to operate at lower pressures improving traction; lower rolling resistance compared to a tubular tyre; less risk of punctures as there is no camera. Tubeless Ready (TR) Maxxis provide the benefits of a UST cover without penalizing weight. The

TR tires use a standard ring and require the use of a Black Seal-type sealing liquid to make them watertly. Tubeless Ready Maxxis are the only approved Maxxis for use with sealing liquids.

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MAXXIS is a tyre company founded in 1967. In its early years it was a small manufacturer of bicycle tires in Taiwan, but has evolved and grown to become one of the largest tire manufacturers around the world.

MTB cover Maxxis Tomahawk 29x2.30...
MTB cover Maxxis Tomahawk 29x2.30 120x2 TPI 3C Exo Tubeless Ready
€78.00 €54.60 -30%
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