Drop Cover MAXXIS Wt 60x2 TPI 3C DH...

Drop Cover MAXXIS Wt 60x2 TPI 3C DH Tubeless Ready

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  • Black
Wheel Measurement
  • 27.5"
  • 29"
  • MTB
Measure Covered
  • 27x2.50



The Shorty Cover is able to withstand dry, loose and extended curves. With Tubeless Ready and 3C rubber compound. Self-cleaning thick profile.

DH WorldCup courses today are steep technical monsters with constantly changing conditions. Professionals always need a tire that can withstand dry, loose and extended curves, as well as mud. The shorty is a tire like that. A large housing makes it versatile. Large, high and slightly staggered side tunnels penetrate the loose ground and ensure a predictable passage through corners at the speed of light. In the middle, two types of profiles alternate, rectangular and square tabs, for super traction when braking and excellent self-cleaning.

Wide Trail Casing (WT)

This special housing design optimizes the profile design and tire shape on today's widest tires. Traditional tires are developed for narrow rims and adopt square wheels with too angular shape and therefore not exactly optimal performance.

WT tires are optimized for an inner rim width of 35 mm, but work perfectly on all rims with an internal dimension of between 30 and 40 mm.

Tubeless ready (TR)

Loose tires have many advantages: you can drive with less air pressure. This provides better traction and reduces rolling resistance. And where there is no tube, the risk of decomposition also decreases. TR MAXXIS are better prepared for installation with milk sealing than other "Tubeless Ready" tires. The heel of our TR tire is like a real UST tube stretch completely covered with a rubber layer. As a result, the tube assembly succeeds on all rims with standard dimensions already in the first inflation and with little liquid.

Even MTB's "normal" MTB tires can be mounted like other cameraless rims with sealant as the housing fabrics are very dense.

Officially released for cameraless assembly and guaranteed by MAXXIS are just the new MAXXIS TR models. Cameraless mounting of other models is at your own risk.

Note: We strongly recommend that a sealant containing ammonia not be used. Ammonia has been shown to attack the corpse and, depending on the amount used, can weaken it by up to 30% after only a few months.

Dual Ply Housing

Two combined layers of fabric are wrapped around bead cores. It is an extremely stable and safe housing, especially necessary for descent. On the sidewalls, this one is four layers and even six layers in the treads.

3C MaxxTerra

3C MaxxTerra is the best three-layer rubber compound for our Enduro and Freeride tires. The smooth uphill run, as well as the best downhill grip, characterize this mix as well as a long service life.


Tire type: Folding tyre

intended use: Enduro, All Mountain, Freeride

Size (inches): 27.5x2.50, 29x2.50

Execution: Dual Ply Casing, TR

Rubber compound: 3C MaxxTerra

Channel: 60 TPI x 2DW

Compatibility E-bike: yes, up to 25 km/h

Profile: thick, self-cleaning

Air pressure: 35 - 50 PSI | 2.5 - 3.4 bar

Recommended rim width: optimal for 35 mm, a width of 30 - 40 mm is also possible

Weight: 1255 g, 1335 g

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MAXXIS is a tyre company founded in 1967. In its early years it was a small manufacturer of bicycle tires in Taiwan, but has evolved and grown to become one of the largest tire manufacturers around the world.

Drop Cover MAXXIS Wt 60x2 TPI 3C DH...
Drop Cover MAXXIS Wt 60x2 TPI 3C DH Tubeless Ready
€70.00 €45.43 -35.1%
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