High Roller II Maxxis 3C DH Tubeless...

High Roller II Maxxis 3C DH Tubeless Ready Descent Cover

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  • Black
Wheel Measurement
  • 27.5"
  • MTB
Measure Covered
  • 27x2.40



The Plus version of the High Roller II Cover has been designed to give you a solid and even feel. Its heels are designed and distributed to make the grip excellent just like the self-cleaning of them. EXO protection strengthens the cover to make it much more resistant to external aggression.

Overcome any obstacles present on the trail: with High Roller II Plus it is possible

The High Roller II Maxxis is located at the top of the classification of the most used decks and you apply in the MTB discipline. Thanks to the large volume of air it can hold and its open and old design of the plugs it gives the High Roller II excellent penetration into the ground and great capacities to evacuate the mud. The square profile gives a feeling of solidity and consistency in the tacos. The side and center studs have been modified improving braking and traction on hard surfaces. The ideal choice for technical and freeride terrains.


Cover 27.5 Plus x 2.80

Open heel design: wide and remote.

Improved braking and traction.

Tubeless ready (TR)

Flexible bag Maxxis included

Weight: 1040 grams

TPI: 60


TR-Tubeless Ready

Tubeless ready covers offer many benefits over conventional covers: the ability to operate at lower pressures improving traction; lower rolling resistance compared to a tubular tyre; less risk of punctures as there is no camera. Tubeless Ready (TR) Maxxis provide the benefits of a UST cover without penalizing weight. The

TR tires use a standard ring and require the use of a Black Seal-type sealing liquid to make them watertly. Tubeless Ready Maxxis are the only approved Maxxis for use with sealing liquids

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MAXXIS is a tyre company founded in 1967. In its early years it was a small manufacturer of bicycle tires in Taiwan, but has evolved and grown to become one of the largest tire manufacturers around the world.

High Roller II Maxxis 3C DH Tubeless...
High Roller II Maxxis 3C DH Tubeless Ready Descent Cover
€69.00 €56.72 -17.79%
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