MTB saddle Prologo Nago X10 CPC Nack...

MTB saddle Prologo Nago X10 CPC Nack 134 Black Matte

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The Nago x10 MTB Prologo is designed for long-distance cyclists and marathons. Its design and materials are perfectly combined to absorb pedaling vibration and impacts. Resistant to inclement weather, there will be no spoiled weather.

The nago X10 CPC Prologo saddle with carbon Nack rails is a saddle created to satisfy mountain bikers with long distances and marathons, capable of absorbing the vibrations produced by pedaling and which also incorporates a side protection system. The CPC (Connect Power Control) is a special 3D polymer that, unlike others, has the ability to absorb shocks and vibrations without suffering wear over time, so it is effective in any weather condition. It performs a damping effect because it is able to absorb shocks or vibrations as a result of continuous pedaling, so it protects the muscles, tendons and tension suffered by soft tissues. This will improve your recovery time. In addition, the CPC has other benefits, which is that it ensures perfect grip and positioning, since the design of the CPC material consists of multiple empty cylinders, creating a vacum effect. A perfect, streamlined posture helps increase power and improve saddle performance and comfort. CPC also allows continuous airflow and a kinetic movement that stimulates blood flow and eliminates tingling or numbness.


  • Weight: 212g
  • Size: 275 x 134 mm
  • Base: Carbon Injection Monocoque
  • Rail: Carbon Nack
  • Use: XC- Cross Country
  • Cover: Microfiber + CPC
  • Filling: Light Foam
  • Gender: Male/Female
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PROLOGO is a brand specialized in bicycle saddles that implements the most modern technology and engineering in order to achieve the most suitable saddle for each user.

MTB saddle Prologo Nago X10 CPC Nack...
MTB saddle Prologo Nago X10 CPC Nack 134 Black Matte
€268.00 €155.39 -42.02%
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