MTB Cover HUTCHINSON Python 2...

MTB Cover HUTCHINSON Python 2 Foldable Tubeless Ready

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The Python 2 Tubeless Ready Hutchinson is made for MTB. It presents improvements in the transition between the central and side studs. The grip has been improved by having a larger surface touching the ground. The shape and arrangement of the side studs makes it easy to grip on corners. This model is tubeless ready and foldable.

On the twentieth anniversary of its creation, Hutchinson launches the second version of one of the decks with the most solera on the mountain bike, the Hutchinson Python2. For this second version, the objective of the French company is nothing more than to preserve all the qualities that have made the previous model famous and incorporate the new technologies developed by its engineers.

Although the characteristic drawing of its heels remains similar to that of the first Python, in this new version, the transition between the side and center studs has been improved and smoothed, thus increasing the grip by getting more roof surface in contact with the ground and also benefiting the rolling capacity. The side studs, which are grouped three by three and each with a different shape, make the cover grip even more when deformed in the cornering step.


Tubeless Ready models use a new 127 TPI housing with three different compounds, the toughest is used in the roof structure ensuring that the cover maintains the correct shape, an intermediate tread compound to preserve rolling capacities and a softer compound in the outer studs that provide grip and traction in curves.

Its profile and design of square heels guarantees the best efficiency-grip ratio on land.

It stands out for its speed, grip and rolling quality capabilities.


  • Dimensions: 26x2.10, 27.5x2.10, 27.5x2.25, 29x2.10, 29x2.25
  • Weight: 661g, 700g, 720g, 740g, 760g
  • TPI: 127
  • Color: Black
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Hutchinson is a French company, founded in 1853 by Hiram Hutchinson, which is engaged in the manufacture of products within various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, rail and energy, among others.

MTB Cover HUTCHINSON Python 2...
MTB Cover HUTCHINSON Python 2 Foldable Tubeless Ready
€57.49 €43.12 -25%
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