Iron Flow Selle Italia Saddle

Iron Flow Selle Italia Saddle

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The Iron Flow has been exclusively designed for triathletes. Ti 316 rails and LORICA cover, very abrasion resistant and durable, with additional padding layer for comfort and aerodynamic rear baffle.


The Iron saddle is the embodiment of lightness, aerodynamics and comfort for triathletes. It consists of a concentration of technology and innovation capable of improving overall performance in all aspects of the discipline.

The pronunciation of the tilt behind the frame and the forward tilt of the saddle relative to the bottom bracket axis will contribute to a considerable amount of muscle energy. The conical shape of the tip reduces rubbing between the inside of the thigh and the side of the saddle, which favors pedaling movement.

The special mesh insert of the central channel promotes the drainage and drying of wet garments, as well as reducing the incidence of wounds.

The aerodynamic rear deflector reduces the vortex cascade effect, which produces turbulence behind the rider's body, as well as providing greater and more comfortable support while the shoulders rest on the handlebars. This baffle also includes a reflector to increase safety when training at night.

Weight: 260 g (S)/ 270 g (L)

Rail: 316 titanium tube with 7 mm diameter

Dimensions: 135 mm x 265 mm (S)/145 mm x 265 mm (L)

Use: triathlon

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Selle Italia is a bicycle saddle company with more than 120 years of history. In the 1970s, the company passed into the hands of the Bigolin family that made it one of the most important in the world of cycling.

Iron Flow Selle Italia Saddle
Iron Flow Selle Italia Saddle
€176.00 €134.74 -23.44%
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