Body Traithlon MASSI Supra Black

Body Traithlon MASSI Supra Black

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Body Massi Triathlon Supra, in black, with grey sides, designed for triathlon practitioners to enjoy good comfort, noticing the body as a second skin. Highlights include its water-repellent Acqua Zero fabric, a very comfortable, fast-drying gel chamois pad and high-visibility reflective strips for easy view. Zip at back.


The Massi Triathlon Supra body is ideal for triathletes as it is very comfortable, has Acqua Zero fabric that repels and retains the minimum of water and is also designed to favor the perspiration of the athlete, greatly evacuating sweat. This fabric is designed to be very durable, resisting intact and maintaining its properties for a good period of time with intensive use. Its seamless gel chamois has an ergonomic shape, combines two high density foams to protect the area to the maximum, and allows total freedom of movement, also noting for its speed of drying and for including two inserts to also protect the area of the hamstring bones.

Its design is very attractive and sporty, in black, with grey sides and with high visibility white and orange inserts in reflective color to be easily seen. The zipper is located on the back and is large, just like the closure strip, to maximize the placement and closure of the body by yourself.

In short, a bodysuit for top quality triathletes, with a value for money difficult to match, comfortable and designed to become your second skin, forgetting about it and you can think about making the most of your physical condition.

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MASSI has been developing a wide range of racing products and riding its bikes by hand since 1934, although they did not go on the market until the late 1970s.

Body Traithlon MASSI Supra Black
Body Traithlon MASSI Supra Black
€84.95 €75.45 -11.18%
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