Guantes Castelli Spettacolo

Spettacolo CASTELLI Gloves

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The Castelli Spettacolo glove provides perfect protection with dry and rainy weather, PrimaLoft Gold insulation for warmth, silicone printing for added grip with a water-repellent fabric for added protection with rainy weather, and Touchscreen fingertip technology.

The creation of the Castelli Spettacolo glove began with a list of things that wanted to be improved in winter gloves, such as creating a glove that was warm without becomes bulky, easy to put on and remove, that was waterproof and at the same time breathable also in dry weather, and highly comfortable. Everything has been improved in the Castelli Spettacolo glove, starting from the main fabrics: an external water repellent layer, windproof and elastic, has been applied on top of the insulating layer in PrimaLoft Gold to make it warmer, and an incredibly soft lining to be able to put it on and out easily also with the sudada hand. The zipper at the cuff makes it easy to place and is an excellent glove for moderately cold temperatures without looking like a ski glove.
"Rain or Shine" technology to provide perfect protection in dry and rainy weather.
PrimaLoft® Gold insulation for warmth.
YKK water repellent zipper®.
Silicone printing for added grip.
Water repellent fabric for added protection with rainy weather.
Touchscreen technology at your fingertips.
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The cycling clothing brand Castelli, was founded in 1876 in Italy. Cycling is a sport that requires specific cycling clothing and is therefore Castelli one of the most recognized cycling clothing brands in the world. With its unmistakable scorpion logo,Castelli does not go unnoticed by any cycling lover.

Guantes Castelli Spettacolo
Spettacolo CASTELLI Gloves
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