Cranks SRAM QUARQ Dzero 130 GXP...

Cranks SRAM QUARQ Dzero 130 GXP Non-Hidden Screw

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  • Black
Crank length
  • 172.5mm
  • 175mm
  • Road
  • Carbon




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Dzero 130 GXP SRAM QUARQ cranks are made of carbon fiber to ensure minimum weight and excellent response. It has a built-in power meter in the spider that gives you greater shock resistance and waterproof insulation.

The DZero power meter QUARQ is the result of 10 years of research and testing experience. It is a very complete model that combines a measure of accuracy (+/1.5%) with excellent pedaling efficiency and spectacular design.

The DZero features carbon fiber cranks that ensure minimal weight and incredible response, as well as a power meter integrated into the spider for superior shock resistance and good waterproof insulation (according to IPX7).

It's quite easy to use thanks to its automatic calibration and OmniCal technology that allows you to change dishes without affecting the accuracy of the device. This power meter also features 10K technology that compensates for temperature variations for maximum reliability in any situation.

In addition, it can be connected via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart to perform a detailed analysis of your performance data on your computer, smartphone or cycle computer.

This Double version with visible bolt (NHB non Hidden Bolt Visible Bolt) for GXP standard bottom bracket shafts.


Autonomy: 200 h

Component: Pedalier

Connectivity: Bluetooth, ANT+

Power Supply : Batteries

Warranty: 2 years

Crank length: 172.5 mm, 175 mm

Left/Right Measurement : No

Accuracy : +/1.5%

Technical details

Bottom bracket:

Carbon Exogram cranks.

Aluminum spider with 5 arms and 110 BCD (interject).

Version with visible bolt (NHB).

Factor Q: 145 mm.

Standard GXP.

Compatible with 10-speed and 11-speed system (not compatible with CAMPAGNOLO).

Weight (manufacturer): 559 g.

Weight (Bikeshop): 570 g (Size 172.5 mm).

Power Meter:

Strain gauges in the spider.

CR2032 battery.

Estimated battery life: 200 hours on the road.

ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart wireless technology.

Transmitted data: power, cadence (per accelerometer).

Waterproof according to IPX7 standard.

vuelta to manual/automatic zero.

Data analysis program: Qualvin ANT+ / BLE.

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The SRAM brand is a company with 25 years of a history marked by the tenacity, innovation and constant progress that have led it to become the second world referenceof cycling activities in a very short time.

Cranks SRAM QUARQ Dzero 130 GXP...
Cranks SRAM QUARQ Dzero 130 GXP Non-Hidden Screw
€890.00 €804.71 -9.58%
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