Pedals Look Keo Blade Carbon Black 12/16

Pedals Look Keo Blade Carbon Black 12/16

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Keo Blade Carbon pedals are made of Carbon and Chromoly+. With a support surface equipped with 67 mm wide stainless steel sheet, these pedals give you a 700 mm2 support surface that incredibly improves performance.

Pedals Look Kéo Blade Carbon with a new design that fully integrates the blade for unmatched aerodynamics. Equipped with a carbon body and blade, the Blade Carbon incorporates a Chromoly+ shaft for a weight of 110 g per pedal. The shaft line of the new Blade Carbon has been completely redesigned. It is built around an oversized shaft and a through shaft line composed of an internally positioned ball bearing and a needle bushing installed in the center position under the - Support Surface. This new construction allows you to win around 2 watts at 100 revolutions per minute. The distance between the ball bearing and the needle bushing has been increased by 25%. This allows for greater rigidity to the shaft line assembly and, consequently, improves power transmission. The tobacconity has also been the subject of special attention. This has been improved by 120% for superior reliability and durability. To do this, the new shaft line integrates at its outer end a new stopper equipped with an O-ring. In the internal position, it is equipped with a double lip joint.

the look axles are validated only after passing a rotation test of 2 million cycles at 100 rpm with a load of 90 kg on the center of the pedal and an eccentric rotation (which creates an impact on each vuelta). This test is much higher than the current standard: EN14781.

To respond to the wishes of the most demanding cyclists, especially competitors, the pedal-cala system must allow for effective power transfer thanks to a larger and stiffer contact surface. The - Blade Carbon's support surface is equipped with a 67 mm wide over-molded stainless steel sheet. It optimizes the cala/pedal contact areas, regardless of the pedaling angle adopted. With 700 mm2 of - Support surface, the Blade Carbon offers a contact platform optimized for unmatched efficiency and power transfer on the market. Its weight-to-power ratio positions it very widely above its competitors. The use of carbon for the body and blade allows to lighten the weight of the pedal and also gain in stiffness for better power transfer. Blade technology is a technical innovation highlighted in the history of automatic pedals, as it brings numerous advantages: lightness, aerodynamics, a very safe draft/descaling.


Use: Road

Body: Carbon

Axis: Chromoly Steel +

Threaded:9/16 X 20 mm

Bearings: 1 ball bearing, 1 needle bushing

Shaft/sole height: 14.8 mm

Pedal/crank axle distance: 53 mm

Support width: 67 mm

Support surface: 700 mm2

Voltage: Pedals delivered with 12-installed carbon sheets + additional 16 carbon sheets (20 carbon sheets available separately)

Calas: Grey Kéo Cleat coves

Angular freedom: 0o, 4.5o or 9o depending on the type of cove (black, grey, red)

Weight: 110 g (288 g pair with coves and screws)


LOOK was founded in 1951 in Nevers (France) and is one of the great pioneers in the world of cycling for its inventions: the automatic pedal, the carbon frame orin 1986 and the first monoblock carbon frame.

Pedals Look Keo Blade Carbon Black 12/16
Pedals Look Keo Blade Carbon Black 12/16
€164.00 €147.60 -10%
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