Saddle Road Prologo Zero II CPC PAS...

Saddle Road Prologo Zero II CPC PAS Nack 134 Black Matte

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The Road saddle Prologo Zero II CPC PAS is made for medium and short distances. With PAS system to prevent problems in the perineal area. Its microfiber and CPC cover is very resistant.

An ideal saddle for short and medium distances where frequent change of position is necessary. The flat shape along with the rigid saddle frame causes a very direct riding sensation. The Zero saddle fits all riders with a high rotation of the pelvis.

CPC: Connect, Power Control: patented Prologotechnology, the specially designed CPC surface features 3D polymer volcanoes arranged for maximum benefit. This includes optimal grip, shock absorption and air cooling. In addition, it improves blood flow through the massage action, reducing numbness and tendon-related discomfort. In turn, this reduces fatigue.

The PAS (Perineal Area System) system is a processing of the saddle base, hole or channel has been designed to remove pressure in the pelvic area. Pas technology is achieved thanks to a particular anatomical design of the foam and base. Performance and durability are guaranteed thanks to the unaltered integrated base.

The ZERO II CPC PAS is available with the nack rail, a nano-structured carbon fiber that integrates kevlar and aluminum fibers to provide a superlight rail with reduced deformations compared to standard carbon. Oversized shape 7x9.3 mm


Size: 280 x 134 mm

Weight by manufacturer: 195 gr

Cover: microfiber + CPC

Filling: light foam

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PROLOGO is a brand specialized in bicycle saddles that implements the most modern technology and engineering in order to achieve the most suitable saddle for each user.

Saddle Road Prologo Zero II CPC PAS...
Saddle Road Prologo Zero II CPC PAS Nack 134 Black Matte
€259.00 €174.78 -32.52%
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