MTB Cover SCHWALBE Rocket Rum Addix...

MTB Cover SCHWALBE Rocket Rum Addix Snakeskin Folding

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  • Black
Wheel Measurement
  • 27"
  • 29"
  • MTB
Measure Covered
  • 29x2.10



The MTB Schwalbe Rocket Ron Addix SnakeSkin is a cover that perfectly combines speed with cornering stability. Perfect for Superlight race track.

The Cross Country Rocket combines speed and stability in corners at the highest level: an excellent off-roader for the Superlight race track with 127 EPI Evo profile design housings: balanced relationship between stable stakes and sufficient free spaces to obtain excellent rolling properties and excellent self-cleaning.

  • Reflexes
  • Snakeskin
  • Evolution
  • TL-Easy
  • addix
  • Speed
  • Grip speed
  • Applied technologies


One of the most effective inventions Schwalbe ever made for a mountain bike. Only about 40-50 g heavier is a tire through snakeSkin fabric. It is well protected from contact with sharp-edged stones, which cut the sidewall very quickly on lightweight racing wheels. SnakeSkin: the best choice on rugged terrain!

Tubeless Easy | Level 6

Better cutting resistance, greater penetration resistance and, above all, allows extremely easy cameraless conversion. The use of sealing liquid is required, but assembly is otherwise as easy as with real cameraless rims. Long conversion processes with intense jolts and frequent regurgitations are no longer possible with Tubeless Easy. Tubeless Easy replaces both the previous Tubeless tires and the Tubeless Ready version.


Reach your limits and demand the maximum of your tire. Under extreme stress, it shows its true face: more grip, more speed, more mileage. Experience another ADDIX dimension - the new compound for all legendary EVO-Line tires. ADDIX makes all legendary EVO tires even better. With four blends, Schwalbe meets all requirements: SPEED, SPEEDGRIP, SOFT, ULTRA SOFT. The names are program, name directly the character of the compound. All tests in the lab and in practice show that ADDIX works better than any other compound in terms of direct parameters and complex properties.


It is the compound for XC Race specialists. CatapultS XC tires from Schwalbe a new dimension of performance. Who did you think would be even faster? Here's the answer. ADDIX Speed really loves only one thing: speed. But it's the rolling resistance back on the collar. It is lower than the previous PaceStar, while ADDIX Speed is more durable and durable.


The universal compound. It has the absolute largest deployment bandwidth. Ideal for XC, AM and Trail: Most EVO tires have a version with ADDIX Speedgrip. It replaces the previous Compound of PaceStar, not the only one, but a clear difference in intensive use: more mileage and longer life. A lot of everything: speed, grip and durability. Combining the three properties perfectly into one mixture, that's almost impossible. But Schwalbe now succeeded with ADDIX Speedgrip, on a level that Schwalbe had not thought possible until then!

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Schwalbe is a well-known German brand, owned by the Bohle family since its founding in 1922, specialized in the manufacture of bicycle and wheelchair tyres. In 1973, Ralf Bohle first imported bicycle tyres, called "Swallow", from Korea to Germany. Because the German market is larger, "swallow" was translated into German "schwallbe".

MTB Cover SCHWALBE Rocket Rum Addix...
MTB Cover SCHWALBE Rocket Rum Addix Snakeskin Folding
€59.00 €47.20 -20%
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